Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Domi Dolls

Cover dari majalah yang sementara ini saya desain. Ngedesain sendirian lho! Edan, pas deadline, saya terpaksa nangkring empat puluh satu jam di depan layar komputer. Untung aja beres. Selama empat bulan terakhir, inilah cover favorit saya. Majalahnya bisa dilihat di sini, lowres tentunya.

This is the latest cover of a lifestyle magazine which currently I work for. I've done this magazine single handed, design wise of course. The last hours of the deadline took forty one hours of nonstop designing, four glasses of coffee, two bowl of breakfast cereal, one burger, one portion of noodle, two boxes of office food, and a flu. Damn it felt not good at all. But I had to keep on going. And thank God everything finished on time.

For the last four months, this cover is my favorite. You can visit the magazine here, in low resolution of course. Enjoy.

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