Friday, July 10, 2009

Southerner Constitution

Photo: My station in the South.

Lately, people always asked me this question, "Wah, santai ya sekarang?" Actually, it wasn't like you guys thought. I have to handle this product single handedly, design-wise. It was overwhelming at the start, but now I could handle things quite good.

Aside from the product it self, I have to handle the related product as well. And I always look the brighter side, not everything have a bright side but almost certain that everything have a brighter side, now I know more about the company from a wider perspective.

Plus, I have to handle another thing, something weekly like my previous job descriptions. It struck me like thunder, "Ya ampun, kuno banget!" Okay, it seems that I made a big deal out of something small. But, "Hey!" we're wasting our most precious thing in this world: time."

Still, I have enough constitution to handle another remark like, "Banyak senyum ya sekarang?" To that, I will always reply, "Hell yeah!"

P.S. G, I'm still working on the leaf.